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Overseas Scaffolding Fabrication – Assured by UK Verification

It’s well-known, common knowledge, overseas scaffolding fabrication – doesn’t have the greatest reputation.

We’d be the first to agree, although…not all and we stress – not all overseas fabricated scaffolding is manufactured from poor quality, cheap steel, untested and undocumented.

We’re well aware the instant assumption scaffolding supplied by CCB, manufactured in China is just the same as all the other imported overseas products.

We advocate the fact, it’s not. Products and equipment supplied by CCB manufactured by NGM are anything but sub-standard or untested.

In fact, our systems and products have been manufactured under strict UK and European standards, including BS EN 12810 AND 12811 for system scaffolding and BS EN 74 A & B for our scaffold fittings.

In many cases equipment manufactured by NGM, China – supplied by CCB in the UK has undergone more testing and verification than products manufactured in the UK and supplied in the UK – due to our intent on proving, overseas quality of supply.

All scaffolding products for hire or sale are supplied with clear CCB branding and identification, where relevant.




CCB Scaffolding Supplies Ltd is an independant but direct division of NGM (Nanjing Guhua Metalworks).  All scaffolding systems, products and equipment supplied by CCB are manufactured by NGM.

NGM based in Nanjing, China provide metalwork and scaffolding and formwork fabrication.



Overseas Scaffolding Fabrication

It’s a fact, media driven or not the common opinion of Chinese fabricated scaffolding is, poor.

CCB strongly advocate the fact that all equipment and scaffolding we supply, is manufactured by Chinese fabricators NGM.

Additionally, further UK testing and verification is conducted on all our equipment, ensuring all products with current UK and European standards.

Equipment supplied by CCB, manufactured by NGM in many cases has undergone more rigorous testing that UK fabricated and supplied equipment. All systems and products are supplied with full documentation.

We make sure the quality of our equipment meets all required standards, working hand-in-hand with some of the UK’s leading product test specialists including;  Test ConsultElementS-Mech and the Chester Chain Company.


International Scaffolding Supplies

CCB Scaffolding Supplies has a strong international network due to our partnership with NGM.

NGM have various international locations with the rapid response ability to supply any amount of scaffolding equipment, to any international location. NGM have locations in; China, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, New Zealand and Australia.


Local, National & International Dispatch

CCB Scaffolding Supplies have a growing national scaffold hire and sales deliveries division, catering for all UK customers.

International export is available in association with our partners NGM, to any international location.


More Details

If you’d like any further details on scaffolding sales or hire options available from CCB Scaffolding Supplies, contact us on – + 44 (0) 131 454 9451 or email us at –


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